By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

A Simple Guide To Making LEGO Gummy Candies. I Can’t Believe How Easy This Looks.

Gummy candy is just about the most versatile candy there is. Think about it: It can come in basically any shape you like, and kinda already does. There are gummy worms, gummy bears, gummy sharks, gummy fruits, and even gummy lips. Long story short: If it's gummy candy, it can be in whichever form your heart desires.

Unfortunately, manufacturers who are responsible for producing gummy candy don't necessarily see a need for such diversity. Luckily, if you're tired of over-snacking on gummy worms, check out this cool new tutorial, which shows you how to make gummy Legos, and even a gummy Lego man. It's basically two of your favorite childhood things merged into one. The best part? You get to eat it all.

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Source: Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"