By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Pop-Up Castle Uses LEGO In Ways The Designers NEVER Imagined.

Lego fans have been known to make some pretty spectacular things but one guy in Japan has pushed the envelope with his latest creation. The man has made the famous Himeji Castle, the largest castle in Japan and a UNESCO World Heritage Site from the 14th century.

YouTuber talapz says it took him 15 months to complete his design which weighs almost 28 pounds. Nonetheless, what is really impressive about the structure is its ability to fold in to a flat surface, kind of like a pop-up book. Talapz says no glue was used to keep the construction intact.

In the past talapz has made a rolling house, cube puzzles, and a Buddhist temple among others, using the brick pieces. However, his castle is probably the biggest structure he has shared so far on his channel. The people at Lego need to take a look at this video and hire this architectural genius.

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Source: talapz