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By Huong Ngo

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The 25 Most Amazing Things Ever Made From LEGOs.

A lot of us grew up playing with LEGOs. As we grow older, we eventually stopped playing with the colorful building bricks, but what many people fail to realize is that they can be used in various ways.

LEGOs were originally made in 1947, but they are still very much popular to this day. Not only are they fun to play with, but they inspire people to come up with new projects in every day life. From key keepers to cable organizers to math lessons — LEGOs can be used for anything!

Check out some of the great and brilliant ways others have used the fun building bricks below.

#1. A Lego tissue box cover.

Colorful and heavy enough to keep the tissue box down while the tissues are pulled out, and without too many exposed bumps to collect dust!

#2. A pair of Lego train bookends.

Check out how it looks like the train is coming through the books!

A pair of Lego train bookends.

Deborah Higdon

#3. A set of Lego coasters.

From afar, they kind of look like thick floppy disks.

#4. A set of Lego holiday ornaments.

Now I know how I'm decorating my Christmas tree this year... and the following years after that.

A set of Lego holiday ornaments.

Chris McVeigh

#5. A pair of small Lego earrings.

Forget about stepping on regular Legos, THESE -- I would really hate to step on!!

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