By Amanda

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Leopard Bread Is A Very Fancy, VERY Easy Holiday Treat. Here’s The Secret…

Thanks to the internet and the intrepid, creative cookery of East Asia, we're frequently treated to novelty food ideas and recipes that look as good as they taste. The latest incarnation is leopard bread, a seemingly normal-looking loaf of goodness that has a secret surprise in store when you cut into it.

The bread recipe was blogged by a Chinese housewife, on her food blog called Nasi Lemak Lover. There, she explains the trick to making this bread, and it's not as difficult as you might think. After checking out the steps below, you may even want to try your hand at leopard bread -- at the very least, it will surprise the first person who slices it.

Check out the interior of this bread: It really does look like leopard print.

But how do you get the print to look so precise and accurate?

The trick is to start with three colors of dough.

Each of the dough colors should be rounded into large, medium, and small balls.

Then, roll the balls out as pictured.

At that point, it's just a matter of wrapping the dough in tubes, one inside the other.

When you're done, you have several tubes of dough, ready to be formed into the pan.

They should be elongated and then cut evenly.

Then, stacked in the pan like so.

As the bread bakes, the edges form to the pan, and the inside of the bread comes together seamlessly.

And thus, leopard bread is born.

Seems simple enough, right? Would you try this at home?

How about a slice of watermelon bread?

Source: nasilemaklover.blogspot