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The 20 Best Things About Being A Lesbian.

When it come to being a lesbian, there are countless struggles. For example, despite hate and discrimination towards the LGBTQ community, lesbians are often objectified to other people's fantasies. 'Lesbian' is one of the top searches in porn every year. And this experience doesn't just happen online. It also happens when you walk around in public.

Others also assume they know your story. I've had other women come up to me and say, 'It must be easier dating a girl, huh? I should just date a girl.' You are also subject to stereotypes like 'lesbians hate men' and judgments such as 'couldn't get the real thing, huh?' Yes, unfortunately, these things still happen.

In the midst of all this, there are definitely upsides to being in a lesbian relationship. Although much work has to be done, queers are gaining representation by way of the community, social media, and media and entertainment from portrayals and public figures.

So you've watched Orange Is the New Black, but what are the perks of being in a lesbian relationship from an insider's perspective? Continue reading to find out.

#1. The intensity of the relationship is incomparable.

Sometimes dating another girl can feel like playing with fire, but when it's right, it just keeps burning.

The intensity of the relationship is incomparable.


#2. You really are dating your best friend.

You're just comfortable with her. One second you'll be babbling and the next, you can be dead silent. But it isn't awkward. It's okay. It's perfect. You're loved just the way you are.

#3. Soft lips.

One of the first things you've noticed about kissing another girl is her soft, soft lips. You just melt into her kisses.

Soft lips.

BBC Scotland

#4. The sex is probably really, really good.

Yeah, she's your best friend, but the difference between her and your other best friend is attraction. There's touching, making out, and sex (if you choose to be sexually active, that is).

It isn't a game. We aren't trying to compare. But at the same time, there are studies that reveal that lesbians are having more orgasms than straight women.

A few explanations: Women are familiar with their own anatomy. They know where the clit is and how to stimulate it. Not that everything revolves around the orgasm, because it doesn't, but it's nice, isn't it?

The sex is probably really, really good.

#5. You can make fun of each other by reclaiming and playing with stereotypes.

You might hate fitting into the stereotype but when you laugh about it with each other, it just doesn't matter anymore. Wear those Birkenstocks with pride. Or you can be feminine, or whatever you want to be, depending on how you feel. Fluidity isn't just a trend. It's real life for you.

You can make fun of each other by reclaiming and playing with stereotypes.

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