By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Building Is Covered In Romantic Letters, And It’ll Make You Believe In Love Again.

Despite the convenience of instant emails and texts, nothing beats getting a handwritten letter. The art of sending a friend or loved a note is a lost art. German artist HA Schult took the nostalgic practice and applied it to one of his projects in 2001.

Schult took over a Berlin post office and covered it with paper for the piece Love Letters Building. He asked people to send him their personal written notes: he received an overwhelming 150,000. The conceptual artist plastered 35,000 documented words on the outside of the building while 115,000 were inside.

Schult asked people to send him letters: written to lovers, children, and even pets.

"I didn't know what to expect. I just knew Germans were romantic and thought they would respond."

One letter read, "Your eyes sparkle like the night sky. When you look at me, my body comes alive."

While another simply declares, "I can't live without you. The loss feels deeper by the day. It is a pity you're a cat."

Next, letters convicts wrote to their younger selves.

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