By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Little Boy’s Letter To Santa Is EXACTLY Why Kids Should Be Running The World.

Letters to Santa are usually filled with a long wish list requesting the latest toys and gadgets. Seven-year-old Tyrik’s letter to Saint Nick is also filled with seven things he wants. Although, instead of asking for a video game, he really wants Kriss Kringle to help the homeless.

His note also seeks support for those that are in the hospital as well as people afflicted with cancer and diabetes. It is hard to know what Tyrik has seen or felt in his young life. Nonetheless, the little boy is wiser beyond his years.

Tyrik ended his list by asking Father Christmas for “people to stop killing.” It would be the best gift for children and adults to live in a world free of violence. We really hope the big guy in the red suit reads his letter.

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Source: novi