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Guilt Ridden Working Mom Wrote The Most Inspiring Lunchbox Notes Ever Written.

As parents, we tend to err on the side of providing constant advice to our children. It is in sharing our teachings that we hope we will equip them with wisdom that will guide them in challenging and sometimes overwhelming times throughout their lives. We may offer our thoughtful words but we also have to wonder if any of them is being heard and absorbed.

One mom, Stephanie Skylar, had the ingenious idea to write letters to her daughter Skye Gould who was 12 years old at the time and placed them in her lunch box. Each note included “Lunchbox Letter Advice,” from topics from being kind to others to not smoking or drinking alcohol. Over 100 letters were penned between 2003 to 2004.

Now Gould, a 23-year-old, graphic designer in New York, is sharing her mom’s wisdom through these letters. She hopes others are inspired to do something similar, admitting that re-reading her mom’s words made her realize just how much they impacted her. “A lot of my reflections and commentary are based off how the letters have affected me without me really consciously knowing it,” says Gould.

Gould kept all of her mom's letters in a shoebox.

She received over 100 notes over the course of one year.

Gould with her parents.

One of the best advice: keep all the letters.

Don't condemn or criticize.

A little bit of humor.

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