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These Guys LIED To Impress A Girl, And It Backfired Spectacularly.

As children, we're taught that lying is wrong and that honesty is always the best policy. We soon gather from our parents, older siblings, or other figures that we look up to that the line between right and wrong is not always so clear. For example, there are 'white lies,' lies that are told supposedly out of kindness. If a good friends asks if they look fat in their striped maxi skirt or if your mother asks how you enjoyed dinner, the one she spent two hours making, you might tell a white lie.

And as you grow older, you discover that some people lie about bigger things - their age, background, education, and experience. In relationships, your partner might lie about where they've been in order to surprise you or to be deceitful. Now that a majority of us are on social media, we might lie to the public to protect our privacy. In the end, our reasons for lying can all boil down to self-esteem, says Robert Feldman. We lie when we feel threatened.

Today, we're exploring lies that men have told to impress women. Some might lie about their sexual history or occupation while others will take the game of lying to a completely new level. Below you'll find some of the most extraordinary lies men have ever told for the sake of their relationships.

'I had a threesome.'

According to an article on The Frisky, one woman shared that when she first began dating her ex, he told her that he had a threesome with his college girlfriend.

Six months later, he asked if they could have a threesome because it had always been a fantasy of his. When she confronted him saying that he told her that he's already had one, he admitted that that was a lie. Needless to say, he did not fulfill his fantasy with this woman either.

'I had a threesome.'

The CW

'I'm a war hero.'

Roger Day, 62, was fined for wearing 17 medals to an Armistice Day parade. What's wrong with that? Well, he didn't actually earn any of them. He told his much younger wife that he was awarded these medals but lost or sold the originals, and she lovingly replaced them. He was later charged under the Military Act 1955.

'I'm a war hero.'


'I'm straight.'

Another woman told The Frisky that her ex said he was straight. He also told her that the reason why their sex life was so bad was because her B-cups weren't large enough.

'The worst part is that I can’t even hate him, because you can’t hate on someone for being sexually confused, can you?' she added.

'I'm straight.'


'I'm a chemical engineer... oh wait, you are too?!'

A user on reddit told a girl that he was studying chemical engineering to impress her. Turns out that she was studying the same thing, and he continued on trying to sound as if he knew what he was talking about.

'I spermed this morning.'

We're not sure what that means either but here's what happened. Reddit user Munkyspyder was about 12 years old when he learned that his friend came for the first time. Apparently, cumming was a 'manly' thing. The young boy then tried to use this as a line to impress a girl he liked.

'OMG I spermed this morning,' he told her. He didn't stop there. He also described what it felt like. 'Nothing special. I just went for my morning pee and all of a sudden it was all white...'

She told everyone about it and they all laughed at him.

'I spermed this morning.'


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