Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Times Libraries Amazed Visitors With Their Creativity.

Thank goodness libraries haven’t gone out of style. Oh, sure you can Google search your answer to a question. But there’s something special about actually going to a library, grabbing a book and reading it. Libraries offer tons of services like librarian assistance and a community of bookworms. But what sets one library apart from another? We imagine it might have something to do with some of these creative and fun ideas we’re about to share. The librarians who work in these local libraries sprinkle their twisted sense of humor to turn a quiet space into a happy place.

If you love a great challenge, then how about this library's gigantic community jigsaw puzzle?

Not only would you be able to help a bunch of people finish this huge puzzle, but you'd get the satisfaction of finally learning what was in it once everyone pitches in and help finish it.

This fabulous entrance to the kiddy section at a local library is to die for.

What's this? A library for ants? It probably isn't, but this marvelous work of art by the door is a whimsical way to get kids to immerse themselves in the literary world.

This library's got an entire shelf with books with "guys who have lost their shirts" on the cover.

I mean, let's face it. If we looked like that without a shirt on, we'd also be tempted to walk around shirtless all the time too.

This adorable pup is a volunteer at a local library. She works there as a reading dog and helps make the world a better place.

Dina volunteers as a reading dog for kids with difficulties. They get to practice reading out loud without fearing they'd get judged or rushed. She's so intuitive and smart, she even wags her tail to the rhythm a child is reading so she can help them keep their pace and improve their reading skills. Best of all? She learned how to do this intuitively, as nobody taught her this incredible trick.

A random passerby snapped a photo at Barnes and Noble, Union Square NYC, of a bin full of books without their original cover, and we've got to admit, it's pretty clever.

Blind dates are cool and all, but what if you got to choose a book without judging them by their cover? Not only that, but lets you read the first page of a novel, and if you like it, you can click and find out the name of the author and the book. Color us impressed!

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