By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Funny Animals Who Have A Thing For Licking Windows.

When it comes to deciding what kind of Internet content you're going to consume on any given day, it's important to find a nice balance between hard news, human interest pieces, and lighthearted social media fluff. You want your time online to be entertaining, but also informative. And maybe you like to toss in a thinkpiece or two.

But in our experience, nothing quite compares to taking some time out of your day to witness what happens when animals lick windows. Luckily, we've compiled a photo series of exactly that for you to enjoy. #27 is guaranteed to make you smile.

#1. Forget about what the fox says -- this is what the fox licks.

#2. He's just doing this to be a jerk.

#3. That's one large tongue.

#4. Simultaneously terrifying and adorable.

#5. Trying something new.

#6. For that elusive cooling sensation.

#7. Just a dog and his tongue.

#8. Her attempt to seem less intimidating.

#9. Wishing that glass tasted like nuts.

#10. So high right now.

#11. The most resolute glass-lick we've ever seen.

#12. Desperate for attention.

#13. He's not sure how he got here.

#14. Just trying to impress you.

Just trying to impress you.

#15. Reevaluating his life.

Reevaluating his life.

#16. Such longing.

#17. Living his best life.

#18. Just trying to make you uncomfortable.

#19. It's like he doesn't want to be doing this, but can't help himself.

#20. His friend is definitely judging him.

#21. This is what he does in his spare time.

#22. His tongue is surprisingly large.

#23. This was a group effort.

#24. Looks delicious, we guess.

#25. When she licks, she licks with her whole heart -- and tongue.

#26. He's really giving it his all.

#27. Maybe this one is just stuck?

#28. Someone's got a taste for glass.

#29. Trying to get you to take him home.

#30. Tastes like chicken.