By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

21 Amazing Life Hacks That You REALLY Need To Know About, #14 Is My Favorite.

Not all life hacks are created equal. Some solve problems you didn't even know you had, while others are just clever new ways to store, organize, and decorate. Then there are these kind of life hacks: They're useful, but also totally adorable.

Below are 21 insanely clever hacks that will improve your quality of life with very little effort. Check them out and get inspired, because it's about time you solved the problem of #9.

#1. These simple avocado and provolone turkey wraps make lunch time a breeze.

#2. A quick recipe for banana ice cream.

#3. Hang your wall art with soda pop tabs..

Hang your wall art with soda pop tabs..

Sarah Rae Trover

#4. Or you can use soda tabs to stack your hangers.

#5. Add dabs of hot glue to your hangers (and let them dry!) to prevent clothes from slipping off.

#6. Here's the easiest recipe in the world: Two ingredient cookies.

#7. Hide a key underneath a pinecone.

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