By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Turns Random Images Into FAKE Movie Posters, And They’re Hilariously Plausible.

Your routine, everyday life might not sound interesting enough to become a movie, but one Redditor would disagree. His username is "YourPostAsAMovie," and it's exactly what it sounds like: He takes random strangers' photos and turns them into a cinema-worthy movie moment.

It's fascinating how, with just a few tweaks and edits, something as normal as a swim in the ocean or a snowy day can turn into something that looks like it should be on the big screen. Check out the movie posters (along with their original photos) below.

This went from pleasant to absolutely terrifying.

A slapstick comedy for the eternally exhausted.

Let's just be glad this isn't real.

One man's extraordinary journey.

This one will crack you up.

They all bow their beaks to him.

They all bow their beaks to him.

This could be an Oscar winner.

This looks like a thoughtful drama.

This might be a bit too terrifying for children under 25.


Such a beautiful romance.

This got the horror makeover it deserves.

One snowstorm, two people, one story.

Admit it: You'd totally see this one.

Source: reddit