By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Frightening Footage Shows How Easily A Child Can Drown… At 0:26 My Heart Was In My Mouth.

It's a crowded public pool on a normal summer's day, and everything looks like it's running smoothly. However, something tragic might be on the brink of happening - and no one except for one lifeguard actually notices.

Watch the video and see for yourself: If you were in this situation, would you be able to spot what was going on?

It's incredibly terrifying to watch, but this video brings to light just how easy it is for children in peril to go unnoticed in large swimming pools. The video was posted by Kevin Rowland, the manager of the Whirlin' Waters Adventure Park in North Charleston, S.C. He's posted 20 examples like this to his YouTube page to raise awareness of this issue.

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Source: Lifeguard Rescue