Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

Dog Groomer Opens Shop In The Middle Of The Night For Emergency Makeover.

It's our responsibility as humans to take care of, and protect, our furry friends. Unfortunately, sometimes animals can slip through the cracks, and end up in a bad situation. Whether they end up in the hands of a person who isn't so nice, or abandoned by the people who were supposed to care for them, these animals need our help. There are special humans out there that are driven to help out in these kind of cases. In my opinion, these people are true heroes. Kari Falla, owner and operator of BGE Dog Grooming, is one of those animal saviors, and her caring heart saved the life of this very special dog.

Kari Falla was scrolling through Facebook one night when she stumbled upon something that broke her heart. Someone had made a post stating that they found a dog in the road that was in terrible condition.

Since Kari owned a grooming shop, she knew she could help, even though it was past midnight.

She contacted the poster, and asked him to meet her at her shop that very night, and told him she would groom the dog for free.

When the finder showed up, Kari realized what horrible shape the poor dog was in.

"He smelled like death. He could not walk. He could not poop. His whole body was like a mummified cast. He was infested with fleas. He had a very long leash that looked like an outside leash embedded in his skin from the mats."

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