By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

8 Cartoons About Light That Only Intellectual People Will Understand.

Some of the best art is one that makes you question status quo or look at things in a new light. Speaking of light, one artist from Paris, France asked the question, ‘What if light was liquid?’

Gilles Roussel aka Boulet in a series of comic-style drawings has poured over the subject matter and the depictions are very interesting.

The man in the drawings looks sad, living what appears to be a solitary life in which water takes a personality of its own. Light is a metaphor for time as it is dripping away either from an alarm clock and through his fingers. In another graphic, the fluorescent beam is drowning the man.

Boulet has been recognized as one of the first cartoon bloggers on the internet. Since 2004, the artist has flooded the internet with an array of cartoons on his website.

Source: Boulet