By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Sculptures Are Hiding An Unusual Secret… And It’s Slightly Freaky.

Located in the heart of Jerusalem, the "Warde" project is an impressive urban art installation that moves in reaction to passersby. The installation is part of the city's intentional efforts to improve community spaces and encourage more residents to spend time there.

So how does the installation react to the people around it? Basically, each of the four giant flower sculptures is separately inflated and subsequently reactive to what's going on around it: When pedestrians walk by, they inflate. The installation is truly delightful, and you can see more images from the location below.

The flower installations definitely stick out against the landscape.

Each one of them is a separate entity, but they work together as a larger-scale piece as well.

When pedestrians walk by, the flowers inflate.

They stay inflated for as long as there are people around.

There are even lights to enhance them at night.

When there is no one around, the flowers go back to their original droopy state.

See the "Warde" installation in action in the video below.

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