By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Looked Up In The Sky… What He Saw Filled Me With Wonder.

If you're unfamiliar with light pillars, prepare yourself for an education in a phenomenon that seems totally out of this world. Otherwise known as "aurora verticalis," light pillars are atmospheric columns of light created by the reflection of ice crystals in the clouds.

As such, light pillars are often seen in cold, icy places like Alaska and Norway, and they are absolutely incredible to behold. If you thought that the northern lights were out of this world, light pillars take it to the next level. See some amazing light pillar photography below.

Here are some light pillars filling the sky over Alaska.

Their presence is rare, even in places like Oslo that are routinely treated to the northern lights.

Here is a particularly rare set of shots, which capture the aurora borealis and the light pillars in the same image.

Here, light pillars were spotted above a gas station in Columbia Falls, Montana.

They've also made an appearance over Inari, Lapland, Finland.

And finally, a series of multicolored light pillars over Northern China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region. Isn't this absolutely jaw-dropping?

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Source: Reddit