By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Police Dash Cam Captures HUGE Lightning Strike, At 0:08 The Cops Got The Fright Of Their Life.

We've all seen lightning depicted on screen before: Somewhere on the horizon, a flash of white light shoots down from the sky like a spear and hits the ground, sometimes a single bolt lingering in vibration for a few seconds, and sometime coming in clusters waves. It looks cool and all, but most of the time, what we're seeing is either A) a depiction of lightning in a movie or B) Lightning in the far, far distance (think what you see on the weather channel).

So, what does real lightning look like up close and personal? Police officer Mark Rodriguez managed to capture it on his police car dash cam, where the lightning struck a mere few feet from where he was driving. Warning: While it's much cooler to witness, this isn't movie or weather channel lightning. This is downright terrifying.

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Source: Gautier Police