By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Hilarious Dad Won’t Stop Writing Funny Notes On Daughter’s Lunch Bags.

When an elementary school in Phoenix, Arizona asked parents to kindly label their children’s name on their lunch bags, they had no idea Ryan Myers would take their request to heart. The dad didn’t just write his daughter’s name Lilith on the brown paper bags, he took the opportunity to write witty and funny messages.

The copywriter also took creative liberties by drawing caricatures of popular movies like Star Wars and The Terminator. "I did it the first day, just to be silly and make her laugh. She asked me to do another one the next day, and it just kind of went from there,” says Myers.

As for Lilith, she loves every silly message from her dad: she has kept every bag in a box in her room. And since the school has not voiced any concerns, the dad keeps on doing his funny sketches. It’s unclear though, whether his doodles are encouraging the nine-year-old to eat all of her food.

Source: Roboguzu