By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Biker ‘Escaped’ From The Police. My Heart Pounded Watching His Impossible Moves.

Watching skaters and BMX bikers can be tough -- personally, I cringe every time they're about to hit a landing, hoping that they'll make it out alive. What I didn't know is that the athletes feel the same way -- we've just never heard it from their perspective before.

In the video below, athlete and extreme biker Fabio Wibmer straps a GoPro to his bike helmet and films a POV video like no other. Throughout the video you can tell that Wibmer is going through the same range of emotions as the viewers, saying such classic statements as "oh no," and "why am I doing this," and "fck, fck, f*ck." Despite his hesitations, he manages to kill the obstacle course like a pro -- but it's what happens towards the end that will leave your jaw on the floor.

That police car never knew what hit it.

Source: GoPro World

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