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25 Risqué Things You Didn’t Know About Lingerie.

Here's an item you wear everyday that you know very little about...lingerie! It makes you feel beautiful, sometimes it can be a tad uncomfortable (if you choose the wrong shape or size), but it's a girl's best friend, that's for sure. Check out these 25 super fabulous facts and little known secrets about bras and panties.

#1. The 30s Brought Us Cup Sizes

In 1935, Warner's introduced a variety of cup sizes to the market. The only options back in the day were A, B, C and D cup sizes, whereas today, they range from AA, to EEE.

The 30s Brought Us Cup Sizes

United Artists

#2. British Women Are The Bustiest

Beyonce and Kim Kardashian may be America's greatest treasure for those who love big butts and they cannot lie. But for those who're a "boob man or woman," there's UK women who are averaging 34DD cups. Not too shabby.

British Women Are The Bustiest

Evan Agostini / Invision / AP

#3. Wonderbra Has Been in The Game For a While

While the brand seems pretty new to most of us, Wonderbra was trademarked almost 65 years ago. But they only became popular in the 90s, which is when they came out with great marketing campaigns that gave them the exposure they needed.

Wonderbra Has Been in The Game For a While


#4. Girdles Were Trending

Girdles used to be the hottest trend back in 1920. Women wore them to look feminine, sexy, and create a sightly shape, in a very modest way.

Girdles Were Trending


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