By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch The Terrifying Moment They Discover Lions Can Open Doors.

Two sisters traveled to South Africa to visit their parents, who were doing mission work in the country. Naturally, the entire family booked a wildlife safari, driving on a marked path to observe all of the insane wildlife that South Africa has to offer. It's a pretty safe activity, considering that most of the animals don't really care who passes them by, and most cars are tough enough to withstand the advances of a curious meat-eater.

However, when this family reached a group of lions relaxing on the grass, they had an important realization: While on a wildlife safari, you should never forget to lock your car door.

Luckily, it seems like this lioness was merely curious - or maybe she just wanted to remind this family that the kings and queens of the jungle are smarter than they thought. Either way, the moment that car door opens is a total heart-stopper - let's just hope they learned their lesson before any angry rhinos come around.

Source: Joshua Sutherland