Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

Abandoned Cub Bonds With Her Saviors In This Beautiful Photo Series.

Valentin Gruener and Mikkel Legarth rescued this lioness named Sirga who was driven out of her pride. She has developed a strong bond with them and now is thriving on a 10, 000 acre farm. The Modisa Wildlife Project, founded in Botswana, Africa, by Gruener and Legarth, has a mission to save the lion population. Botswana has vast areas of wilderness but the increased farming is bringing man and lions into more conflict. The Modisa Wildlife Project has been working to find a long term solution and they are in need of sponsors to help support their project. For more information about volunteering or donating, check out their website and like them on Facebook.

Share this story with others, maybe one of your friends would be interested in volunteering or donating to this wonderful project to save the lions and other African wildlife.