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These Male Lions Are On Their Way To Visit The Dentist Who Killed Cecil.

Gujarat, India's westernmost state, is an incredible part of the country covered in rough terrains and boasting plenty of sacred spots. In the main city of Amedabad, there are museums, cultural sights, and crowded streets -- but outside the city, there is something else even more interesting.

Supposedly recorded on a street in Gujarat, this pride of lions walking toward the cameraman is equal parts thrilling and totally terrifying. While lions are expected to travel in packs, there's something ominous about seeing them walking so calmly, as if the occasion were completely routine. And, if watching the video below feels so intense, it's hard to imagine what must've been going through the cameraman's mind.

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Posted by Gerardo Gabriel on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Next, rare white lion cubs.

Source: Gerardo Gabriel / Facebook