By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

12 Photos Of The World’s Most Amazing River… And You’ve Probably Never Heard Of It.

Rio Cano Cristales is commonly called the "River of Five Colors." Located in Macarena National Park, Colombia, it is also known as the "Rainbow River." Until 2009, the park was closed to tourists due to security concerned. Now, this amazing part has reopened for everyone to enjoy, and the pictures are spectacular!

The beautiful red color seen in the river and dangling from the many waterfalls is the plant macarenia clavigera. The plant is indigenous to this area. The river is interspersed with rapids and waterfalls, where the macarenia clings to the rocks and makes everything a vibrant shade of red!

Travel into the park is not an easy task: Tourists first have to hike, and then venture by horseback. However, judging by these pictures, this magical place is well worth the challenge of getting there.

Source: Daily Mail