By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

12 Fun And Creative Things You Can Do With Empty Plastic Soda Bottles.

#7. A classic planter.

All plants can thrive inside the protected warmth of a bottle enclosure. Just make sure to leave holes so air can circulate.

#8. A bottle greenhouse.

Bottles make up the walls of this cute little bottle greenhouse.

#9. A simple bird feeder.

By gluing some perches to a bottle and filling it with seeds, you'll have all the birds in the neighborhood in your yard in no time.

#10. Simple storage.

Use the bottle top to create a simple storage solution for grains and beans.

#11. A bottle chandelier

A DIY for only the craftier folks, this chandelier is epic and made out of entirely recycled materials..

#12. A screen of bottles.

This screen made up of entirely bottles would be a great addition to any backyard garden.

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