Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

People Who Took Instructions Way Too Literally.

#6. Well, you're welcome mum.

Looks like you've messed up now, gimp boy. Better watch out when mum comes home.

#7. When your wife asks for a run-of-the-mill generic birthday party.

This is awesome! Look how much work he put into a creative "uncreative" generic birthday.

#8. His mom told him to clean the bathroom like the Queen of England was visiting.

Very clever, but I'm not sure if the Queen will fancy reading Harry Potter while going number 2.

#9. Thanks, you couldn't have been any clearer.

The sign in Spanish says "if you need mom, get food please cover, thank you."

#10. When she asks you to take some photos with your new selfie stick while doing things throughout the day.

Well, it looks like the selfie stick and him had a nice day.

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