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20 Kids Who Took The Instructions A Little Too Literally.

When a young mind is being developed it absorbs everything that it is told. It’s really amazing the things that a young mind can take in and remember. Sometime though, they don’t fully understand what they are supposed to do with something. Maybe they haven’t yet picked up sarcasm or the fact that a lot of things have multiple meanings. The result of this is that a lot of youngsters will take the words they are told as literal. They will literally do what they are told or instructed to do. The results from that are pretty funny on most occasions.

Today you should prepare yourself to laugh because when you see what these kids did you won’t be able to stop yourself. Like the kid that was told to blow up the bouncy castle if he wanted to jump on it, or the kid that was told to only eat half of the grapes, and then of course you have the little girl that put a new spin on making a toast for New Year’s.

There are some truly funny photos that are coming up for you to see. If you’re at work try not to laugh out loud, but I’ll warn you now, you might find that tough!

#1. When this three-year-old girl was told they would make a toast for New Year's she didn't fully understand. Now they have a new tradition!

#2. This little boy was told to look up tips on training puppies online. He decided to let the pup learn for himself!

#3. This father told his son to "Keep Your Eye On The Ball Son." He took it just a bit too literally!

#4. It was bring a fish to school day. The teacher didn't say it had to be alive!

It was bring a fish to school day. The teacher didn't say it had to be alive!

#5. This parent gave their daughter some grapes to eat. The daughter said there were too many there. So the parent told her to just eat half of them. This is the end result!

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