By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Were Told Their Son Was Dead… What Happened Next Gave Me Goosebumps.

For a long time, doctors have emphasized the importance of skin-to-skin contact for newborns. Feeling a mother's touch after being born is critical to the baby's development: It helps them stay calm and sleep better, which assists their brain in proper development.

When Kate Ogg was told that one of her premature twins was still born, she insisted upon touching him anyways. What happened next will leave you in tears.

If Kate and her husband hadn't insisted on getting close with their son, he might not still be here today. Because of their patience and warmth, their son was able to have a second chance at life, despite the fact that the doctors and nurses said it wasn't possible. This heartwarming video is a testament to how powerful a touch can be. Now go forth and hug freely.

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Source: Johnson's Baby