By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

A Marine Donated His Liver To A Dying Nurse… And Then Stole Her Heart.

Heather Kruger was a nursing assistant working in the Chicago area when she got some devastating news: At a very young age, she would need a liver transplant. Unfortunately, she was unable to find a match from donors she already knew.

The situation looked bleak, but then something incredible happened: A former marine named Chris, who had heard Heather's story at work, went in for testing to see if he could help her. Miraculously, he was a match, and though the pair had never met before, he contacted her to let her know that he would be donating part of his liver to her.

As if this part of the story wasn't incredible enough, something even more special happened after Heather's transplant is complete. See the story below to find out how these two went from being complete strangers to having a connection unlike any other.

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Source: ABC News