By Sheyla

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An Entire Town Gave This Homeless 83 Year-Old A Heartwarming Makeover, And It Saved His Life.

He’s known as the ‘Loco Chumán' or the crazy Chumán in the community of Ferreñafano, Peru. Luciano Chumán suffers from schizophrenia and has spent years living on the street. The 83-year-old has not had a shower or clean clothes for years, and his hair had become matted.

The members of the Peregrin Evangelical Church decided to do something kind for him. They took his dirty clothes in exchange for new ones. Chumán was given a bath, a haircut, and shave. Furthermore, Peruvian social services has agreed to provide him with meals. The local hospital is treating him, and he was even given a national ID card. Just goes to show, everyone deserves a second chance and everyone can make a difference.

Luciano Chumán suffers from schizophrenia and has been homeless for years.

A local church decided to make a difference in the 83-year-old's life.

They took his old clothes, gave him a haircut, and a bath.

Luciano Chumán was also treated at the local hospital.

Chumán was even treated to a shave.

The makeover complete.

Chumán looks like a totally different person after his new look.

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Source: Facebook