By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

With A Clever Technique She Brings Children’s Fantasies To Life, And The Photos Are Utterly Compelling.

Children love to use their imagination when playing. Whether they are valiantly fighting off fire-breathing dragons, hanging out with grizzly bears or floating weightless in a world of wonder, their ability to live in a world rich in fantasy is an essential part of childhood. One photographer has borrowed from the inventiveness of youngsters in her series of photographs.

Rhiannon Logsdon asked her tiny models to act out their make-believe while taking their photos. Later, she used the power of Photoshop to add what the kids imagined. "Their expressions when they see the end result is the best though, it's so exciting for them,” she said. Logsdon masterfully pairs the innocence of youth with the power of imagination and the results are stunning.

Based in Austin, Texas, Logsdon said childhood is fast and fleeting; by listening to children’s stories and encouraging their imagination is also a learning opportunity for parents.

On the lookout for mermaids.

Floating through the room.

A fairy's home.

Flower child.

Set adrift on flowery bliss.

Reaching for the moon.

In a world of lilacs.

Slay the dragon.

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