He Spent 53 Years Building THIS… And He Did It Entirely On His Own!

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We all take on pet projects in our lifetimes, and sometimes, those projects can turn into full-blown passions -- and for the lucky few of us, we can even translate our passions into careers. However, no matter what we've gotten into at any point in our lives, odds are we haven't tackled it with the long-term tenacity of this man, the Spaniard who spent over five decades working on the same thing. What's more, we're not talking about something small like a painting or a garden: This guy spent all of that time building an enormous cathedral, mostly by himself, and mostly by hand.

We know: It makes our hobbies and undertakings feel a little, well, underwhelming. But what drove him to complete this task (which remains unfinished, even though he's in his nineties) will surprise and inspire you. We should all be so dedicated as Justo Gallego, because what he created is nothing short of absolutely mind-blowing.

When you see this beautiful cathedral, it's normal to stand in awe of it's opulence and complex design. However, you probably wouldn't assume that the entire thing could be credited to one man.

His name is Justo Gallego, and he's dedicated his entire life to building this cathedral on the outskirts of Madrid. Built over the course of 53 years, he did it almost entirely himself.

He's in his nineties now, but still continues to put some small touches on the project when he can.

So what would drive someone to do this for their entire lives, spanning their work across decades and against all odds?

Gallego says he's driven solely by his faith. That's it. And while he knows he won't finish it completely in his lifetime, he wants to make plans for what happens to this gorgeous building after he passes away.

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