Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

This Unwanted Shelter Pup Just Landed A Role In A Blockbuster Movie.

One Of Us

Freya is no longer the loneliest dog in the world. Not only have her caretakers taken great care of her, but now she gets to star in 2017's most anticipated action movie.

Someone's Comfy On Camera

No one's spilling the beans on Freya's role in the movie, so you'll have to wait until it premieres to find out more. But her caretakers don't really care as long as her story gets exposure.

Waiting For a New Family

Now everyone knows her story and whatever exposure they can get her, the better. They're focusing on finding this adorable girl a new home.

The Surprise

The folks at Freshfields Animal Rescue are loving the fact that now Freya's story will finally lead to finding her a new home. They were surprised, to say the least, when Michael Bay's office contacted them to have her star in the movie.

It Pays Off

The Animal Rescue center spokespeople also said, "This came as an added bonus alongside the fact that we have people currently getting to know her with a view to offering a permanent home which has always been our main priority."

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