Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Man Flew To Canada To Meet His Girlfriend For The First Time, Illustrates It All.

Then, the moment that Simz had been waiting for during the long flight was finally here.

As he looked across the crowd of people at the terminal, he was looking for one person among hundreds, possibly thousands. And this is what he envisioned when he first laid eyes on the woman he loved from a distance.

When they first met, she walked up to him and planted a big old kiss on his forehead.

We don't know if she was taller than him or if it's just how he drew her, but we can't help but laugh at how adorable he envisioned himself as he had his first kiss with the love of his life. Hopefully, there will be no shortage of kisses and hugs.

The two lovers had finally overcome the most overwhelming obstacle of all... distance!

Now that Simz and his girlfriend were physically together, it was time to overcome another hurtle. From the illustration, it seems as though getting out of the airport parking was a challenge within itself. But fortunately, they made it out.

Simz and his girlfriend had finally arrived home and we're so happy that they found each other.

After carrying his luggage, they were bound to relax, talk a bit, maybe eat, and then get to know each other in ways that you just can't do through Skype or other forms of social media. Clearly, feelings between these two were stronger than distance.

It must have been a real treat to finally cuddle and rest in each other's arms for the very first time.

There's nothing like physical contact to make you feel even closer to someone you've been in love with from a distance.

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