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20 Celebrities Who Look Totally Different Without Their Signature Look.

For celebrities, there's much more to enhancing their image than the roles they play or their behavior when they're going about their day-to-day business. In their industry, appearance is everything -- "let yourself go," in any manner of speaking, and it could be career suicide.

Then again, not everyone can wear a full face and a fancy gown all of the time. Even celebrity dudes have to take a break from the gym every once in awhile. So what happens when they let their guards down and present to the world as their authentic selves? As it turns out, not much -- except for the fact that we barely recognize them.

Check out these 20 celebrities, all without their signature looks, in the photos below. If you couldn't see their names, would you even recognize them? #11 is just wild.

#1. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne posted this photo to Instagram on Oct. 19, 2014 with the caption, "Someone went a little #HardCore in the gym today!!! #FeelingTheBurn." We'd hardly recognize her without her signature glam-rock style.

Kelly Osbourne


#2. Zoey Deschanel

She's known for her amazing baby blues, but without her signature bangs, it's almost difficult to name her.

Zoey Deschanel

Getty Images

#3. Joaquin Phoenix

He's the mysterious sort, but when he grows out the beard and wears the shades he's basically unrecognizable.

Joaquin Phoenix

#4. Kesha

All grown up and post-legal troubles, Kesha is entering into a new, more adult-looking phase in her life.


Jason Kempin / Getty Images

#5. Matthew McCeunaghey

He's known for being cut and muscled, but without his signature bod, he looks like a completely different dude.

Matthew McCeunaghey


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