Flight Attendant’s ‘Loony Toons’ Announcement Had The Entire Plane In Stitches.

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During a flight most of us choose to have selective hearing when flight attendants go through the mandatory safety drill. That is unless the person making the announcement gets their inner creativity out and takes this opportunity to entertain the passengers.

Flyers got a Looney Tunes treat during the weekend on a flight to Chicago on Southwest Airlines. Flight attendant, Zach Haumesser, delighted folks with voice impersonations of Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and Daffy Duck, among other characters while going through the safety communication.

If Haumesser seems like a pro it’s because he is. He trained at the Sesame Street Puppeteer Workshop in New York City and is starring in the mini web series, “ITCH.” The video was posted on YouTube four days ago and has already gone viral with close to four million views. His impeccable imitation surely made everyone buckle up and turn their mobiles off with a smile on their faces.

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