Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

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Lost Cat Showed Up After 7 Years And Didn’t Understand Why Her Owner Moved.

Curiosity doesn't always kill the cat. Sometimes it just gets them lost... very lost! It's tough being the owner of a cat. They have a mind of their own and they're super fast and sneaky. All you have to do is turn around for a moment and they'll find a way to climb out of an open window or a crack in the door. Unfortunately, when these adorable felines run away, they're either picked up by animal control and placed in a shelter, picked up by a brand new owner, or are killed by a predator or a reckless driver. So rarely does a missing cat turn up, but for one Kansas City family, their reunion with their cat was a story with a happy ending.

Meet Sky. She's an adorable cat who appeared out of nowhere.

Although she has 9 lives, she had gone missing for 7 years. Then she reappeared outside of a 7-11 store in Naples, Florida where her former family lived.

She wouldn't stop meowing, which was probably a good thing.

It caught the attention of a couple who was leaving the store. So they took her home and gave her multiple baths to get rid of all the fleas that were nesting on her fur.

Now that the cat was free of fleas, it was time to figure out where she came from.

They took her to the Naples Cat Alliance, an organization that not only provides a temporary home for stray cats, but also helps them to find a permanent one.

It turns out that finding her original family was a lot easier than anyone one thought because she had a microchip implanted inside of her.

All that Megan Sorbara, the president of the Naples Cat Alliance could gather was that the chip was given to Sky by the humane society in Missouri. After contacting them, the humane society was able to give Sorbara the name of the owner and a phone number, which unfortunately, no longer worked.

Sorbara turned to Facebook for help and it wasn't long before social media's amateur detectives started doing a little investigating.

They eventually found the owner's father who told them that his daughter moved to Kansas four years earlier and that they had lost their cat back in Naples, FL before moving 7 years ago. Sorbara called the family in Kansas City and couldn't believe their luck. On Friday, Dec 9th, 2016, Sky will fly to Kansas to reunite with her family who will be waiting for her at the airport with open arms.

Source: The Dodo