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Arizona Dog That Wandered Over 2,000 Miles From Home Reunited With Family.

Dogs are extended members of your family. So, just imagine what it would feel like if your dog suddenly vanished? You'd probably start searching everywhere, knocking on every neighbor's door, and driving around town in the hopes that you'll spot your pooch. You would even place signs on every lamp post within a 5-mile radius, and hope that someone will see him or her and give you a ring to tell you that they've found your four-legged friend.

Well, sometimes, a stranger does find your dog, but he may not necessarily know who it belongs to. That's what happened to Adam Herbaugh, who was walking his dog, when all of a sudden, he ended up with a third pooch who had traveled a long way.

Adam Herbaugh walked out of his home in Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania, with his two dogs.

While he was walking towards the local YMCA, Herbaugh heard a jingle and turned around. That's when he saw a large brown Coonhound with its jingling collar following him. Herbaugh asked the pooch if he'd like to come home with him, and the dog decided to follow him.

Herbaugh took the dog to Companion Animal Hospital, where the staff located a microchip.

It turns out that the chipped dog's name is Jake, and his family was 2,000 miles away in Phoenix, Arizona. Then the hospital contacted A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue to help them figure out how to assist this lost pooch.

Herbaugh took the dog to Companion Animal Hospital, where the staff located a microchip.

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Renae Metz, the rescue's president, was shocked to learn how far the dog had traveled.

It turns out that Jake had vanished from his family's yard almost a year and a half ago, and the rescuers wondered how the pooch traveled from Arizona all the way to Pennsylvania. Jake's original owners didn't know anyone in Pennsylvania, but the dog might have stowed aboard a truck by accident.

Jake's owners were elated that someone had found him, but they had a bit of an issue.

The family had just had a newborn baby and couldn't take a trip all the way to Pennsylvania to grab their lost dog. So, they asked the rescue if there was any chance that they could get him back to Arizona, and that's when Metz came up with a plan.

Metz's sister was a transport coordinator and used Facebook to get people to volunteer for this task.

Five days after Jake had been found wandering around, his new adventure began. With a t-shirt that read "Arizona Or Bust," Jake went on an epic road trip, and over the following four days, Jake met a bunch of interesting people from Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico.

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