By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Lost His Cell Phone But Then It Started Posting To Facebook...

If you drop your phone in the toilet, there's a good chance you can save it: Turn it off, dry it out, submerge it in a bowl of rice, and a few days later, you might be good to go.

However, it's safe to say that if you drop your phone in a murky river, you probably won't see it again. Unless, of course, the phone becomes sentient.

That's exactly what (seemed to) happen to Nathan Buhler: He dropped his phone in a river and didn't even start looking for it - what would have been the point? A few days later, the unthinkable happened: It started posting on his Facebook wall.

This is Nathan. He dropped his phone in a river, and didn't try to look for it. Even if he had found it, it probably wouldn't have worked.

Then, someone told him that he had posted this to his own Facebook page. From his phone. It came with the following message.

Naturally, people were shocked.

He started getting more photos from his own phone, including one of the phone driving a truck...

...and holding a firehose... the guys dinner...

...and even playing ping-pong.

The phone even found some time to work on it's fitness in the gym.

Here, it can be seen preparing to get swoll'.

Of course, Nathan figured out where to find his sentient phone (and the firemen behind its big adventure), and it was eventually returned to him. If only all of our lost phone stories could have such a happy - and bizarre- ending.

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