By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Everyone’s Getting Teary-Eyed About This Christmas Lottery Advert.

It's one thing to devote your life to making others smile, but it begs the question: While you're selflessly taking care of others, is anyone taking care of you?

This heartwarming animation centers on the story of Justino, a sweet night security guard at a mannequin factory. While working the long, lonely nights, he never has a chance to interact with his colleagues -- but what he does have are a group of mannequins. Though he's lonely, Justino doesn't despair: Instead, he uses the mannequins to make his colleagues smile, each and every morning.

And when someone does something selfless and kind like Justino, odds are the favor will be returned. The conclusion of this video shows what happens when you find out that people in your world are looking out for you after all.

Source: Milford Creative Studio