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By Scott Stevens

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World’s Biggest Cat-Lady Lives With 1,000 Cats In Her Home.

You have to be careful when walking the grounds of the facility. you never know when you'll come across a predator! Chances are pretty good it will be sooner rather than later.

The cats live like kings and they aren't camera shy either. They all need homes but why would they be in a rush to leave this paradise?

Meal time can get a bit crowded as you can see here. The cats don't seem to mind at all though. It looks like they are just waiting for their turn at the bowl.

There are more than 50 people who help feed the cats and clean up after them. You can only imagine the amount of hair they must generate and the litter boxes is a whole different story!

Cats spend a good part of their lives napping. They have plenty of comfortable areas to do just that in this wonderful facility.

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