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31 Lottery Winners Who Discovered That Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness.

Perhaps you've had the conversation before: What, exactly, would you do if you won the lottery?

Would you keep working, and invest the money responsibly? Would you quit your job and travel the world? Would you share any of it with your friends and family? Or would you spend it all in two years time, throwing expensive parties and buying huge homes and designer handbags, living as large as you possibly could until the money was gone?

Everyone has their own approach (some more reasonable than others), but the truth is that it's hard to say what you would do with that kind of money until you have the check in your hands. These people have all been through it, and what happened next was varied. Check out their amazing (and cringeworthy) stories below!

#1. The Temporary Big Spender

Sharon Tirabassi won over 10 million dollars in 2004. She spent the following years buying fancy cars, a big house, designer cloths, and throwing outrageous parties. Now, eleven years later, she is back to working part-time and riding the bus. It's a sad ending, but hey: at least part of those ten years were probably pretty great.

#2. The Giver

Andrew Whittaker was already worth 17 million dollars when he won $315 million in 2002. Instead of continuing to stack his cash, he donated a large portion of it to charity and started his own foundation. The best part? He gave a $125,000 home, a new car, and $50,000 cash to the woman who sold him the ticket. Talk about paying it forward.

#3. The Star-Crossed Lovers

Lara and Roger Griffiths were happily married before they won the $2.76 million in the lottery. Six years later, Lara accused Roger of cheating on her, and a house fire gutted their home. The couple lost everything, including their marriage.

#4. The Sad Story

Billie Bob Harrell was a preacher and a Home Depot stocky when he won $31 million in 1997. He ended up mismanaging his money, which caused his family to fall apart. Sadly, Harrell eventually committed suicide.

#5. The Scandalizer

Ini Roncaili won $5 million in 1991. She secretly gave $2 million of that money to a child that she had with another man. When her husband found out, he poisoned her with painkillers. Luckily, he was later found guilty of manslaughter (but still had the nerve to ask Roncaili's family to pay for the funeral).

The Scandalizer

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