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Louboutina The Hugging Dog And Her Owner Lost Everything In Christmas Day Fire.

If Instagram is like your ritual, then you've probably heard of Louboutina, a loving pooch known as the hugging dog. As her name implies it, she absolutely loves giving out hugs, and the internet fell in love with her overnight. But bad things happen to good people, and that also includes dogs like Louboutina. So, despite being loving and supportive to strangers, a fire took almost everything from her and her owner, Cesar. Now, as fans of the hugging dog feel for their beloved hugging dog, folks are trying to figure out how to go about helping these two to recover.

If you haven't heard of Louboutina, the hugging dog, then you've been living under a rock.

The pooch became a social media sensation when her human owner, Cesar, began posting photos of his dog hugging random strangers in New York City. People were overwhelmed by the dog's unexpected act of kindness.

Louboutina's Instagram fame continued to grow by leaps and bounds in less than no time.

Today, Louboutina has accrued 192,000 Instagram followers for the photos that she takes with her dad, Cesar, or with random strangers. She's even appeared on several television shows, which upped her celebrity dog status.

Unfortunately, something awful happened to Louboutina and her owner Cesar on Christmas Day.

While the two went for their usual morning walk, their neighbor's apartment went up in flames. To make things worse, the fire continued to spread and eventually spread to Cesar's apartment as well. In the end, they had lost everything.

Fortunately, neither Cesar nor Louboutina were in the apartment or things could have been worse.

The downside was that Cesar and his pooch had to deal with the fact that they lost everything that they owned, including their apartment. If anyone could use a hug after this, it would certainly be Cesar, but Louboutina could use one too.

The two are unfortunately without a home and temporarily living in a hotel room for the time being.

Cesar is grateful that neither of them were hurt in the fire, but it's tough to keep your chin up when you've lost everything. Fortunately, he still had Louboutina who continued to show him lots of love and support.

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