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Louboutina The Hugging Dog And Her Owner Lost Everything In Christmas Day Fire.

Louboutina was used to giving out love with her tremendously affectionate hugs.

It became clear that both she and Cesar, who were staying at the Skyline Hotel in New York City, really needed a hug, and a whole lot more. But would the people who pushed Louboutina to Insta-stardom be able to help?

As devastated as Cesar has been, it became obvious that his dog had touched a lot of people.

So when Cesar set up a GoFundMe page, he was only hoping to raise $20,000 which would help them get out of that situation. But imagine his surprise when he realized people had been donating left and right.

Cesar couldn't believe all the love and support he'd gotten from people. It goes to show that when there's a lot of generosity and empathy in an otherwise cruel and cynical world.

Cesar set up a GoFundMe page through a friend named Loni Edwards, to help them out of this dire crisis. The goal was $20,000, but they raised $74,790, which is three times as much in just 8 days, and Cesar is overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of Louboutina's fans. So if you feel like helping out a friend in need, head on to their GoFundMe. Spread the love!

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