By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Photographs People Making Love In Public Places… And It’ll Give You Goals.

Like many artists, Mikael Theimer considers himself a romantic. Originally from Paris but now residing Montreal, Theimer's main focus in his art is to photograph people making love in public spaces -- but don't worry, it's not quite as R-rated as it sounds.

Theimer admits, "Ok, yes, this title is definitely a clickbait and I apologize to anyone who thought they would now get to see pictures of people having sex in the public space – if you really wanna see that though, I'm sure you know where to look for it."

Instead, his images are of couples kissing in public -- ostensibly making love, but in the sense that they're creating a loving environment around themselves by displaying their affection in front of others. Check out some of Theimer's romance-inducing images below.

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