By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Dog’s Favorite Movie Comes On, Now Watch Him Lose His Mind… LOL.

We all have our favorite movies, flicks that we'll watch time and time again -- even despite the outcry of our loved ones. Well, Stryker the dog has a favorite movie, too.

Stryker is a Belgian Malinois who loves to watch TV, but has a particular soft spot for Disney's animated movie Bolt. Here's what his owner has to say about it:

Stryker goes nuts in the opening scene where they are running through the streets. The sequence is maybe five minutes long but Stryker goes crazy when he watches it.

By "goes crazy," she means that he has one of the most delightful dog reactions we've ever seen. Check out the video below to experience the ecstasy.

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Source: K9Stryker