Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

Someone Left This Dog In A Garbage Bag In The Woods, But Look At Him Now.

Eventually, he started to get better!

“Every day you saw a little more brightness come back to his eyes and just a little more head movement. And he started eating regularly and you just saw it," recalled Carla. "His eyes just, they were shining. He was just speaking to you through his eyes and his smile.”

And then St. Vincent surprised everyone that knew him.

He began to walk! “When they told me he was up and walking, I was in shock," said Carla. He would finally be able to go to a foster home.

Once he got to his new foster home, St. Vincent began making new friends.

“He seems to like the young ones," Carla said. "He seems to be like a great babysitter. They have welcomed Vincent with open arms."

St. Vincent even met a new lady friend.

Apparently, a little female dog by the name of Enaya has developed a bit of a crush on St. Vincent. “I think he gets a kick out of it. He seems to be very pleased with her trying to flirt with him and cuddle with him," said Carla.

"I just hope that were able to erase those last bad memories and bring him happy ones now."

Of course, the New York Bully Crew is doing their best to make that happen. "It’s great to see him not be alone. I mean, he was alone in that bag. God only knows what he was thinking, why that was happening to him?" Carla said.

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