By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch This Young Couple Age 60 Years… Makes You Think About Fast Life Is.

When a couple is standing at the altar reading wedding vows, there is always the promise to grow old together. Although the commitment is romantic, it’s hard to imagine what that person you are saying, “I do,” to will actually look like; will the feelings remain the same? An engaged couple lets a group of professional make-up artists age them to their 50’s, 70’s and even well in to their 90’s.

The love birds are allowed to see each other in each phase of aging and discuss their feelings. The reactions are raw, emotional but still very sweet and surreal. Instead of exploiting the fear of aging, the experiment instead provides comfort to the couple, knowing that in each chapter of their lives together, there will be children, grandchildren and a lifetime of happy memories.

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Source: Field Day